Inflatable Breast Implants

What are Inflatable Breast Implants?

Contrary to the obvious thought, these types of implants are not filled with air, but most often with saline. Given the fact that saline implants are inserted empty into the chest cavity then filled, it was later improved so that the volume could be decreased or increased as needed. However, they should not be altered often, as the elastic capacity of the shells themselves may be tested.

Advantages of Inflatable Breast Implants

  • Saline is harmless to the body, so is the prime choice for this type of implant
  • Does not require revision surgeries per se; just alteration of special implanted valves.
  • Can be useful in women unsure about what size they should settle for

Disadvantages of Inflatable Breast Implants

  • Implants can only be altered for up to 6 months post-surgery
  • Frequent filling and removal of saline can lead to rippling of the silicone shell or a deflation altogether
  • Infection may occur in response to frequent penetration of the filling ports( similar to a syringe going into a rubber stopper)


Inflatable breast implants are a decent option for the amateur woman who does not know her body well. Given, the situation should not occur, since your surgeon will emphasize the importance of knowing what you want. However, after the first few months, they in effect become regular saline implants.